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& it's snowing. how much better can this get?

you know life is good when for your friends 17th birthday, first you'll spend in hour in wal-mart looking for a present with carrie (whose face gets red when she talks to the boy she likes [awh]) & the drummer, & on mr. 33's birthday watch dvds & have your glasses stolen & eat milkshakes (in record time). & you get a letter with 33 cents for your birthday from someone you don't see nearly enough anymore (long time, no intellectual conversation). & you go to the mexican restaurant with two of your best friends & the drummer tells the workers that it's mine & mr. 33's birthday. so we get to eat ice cream while wearing a sombrero. & you have a snowball fight once you get to your house. & you're going to have everyone over tomorrow for your birthday, & hope they all get snowed in. & on sunday you're going to the movies to watch the third installment of the dvds you watched the night before. & on monday you'll be turning "the big 1-6".