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let's kill two birds with one stone


drummer, blake: best friend, wholly & completely. i go to him for anything, everything. he calms me down, he makes me feel better. he makes me laugh & gets the bad things off my mind. he will listen to me, & is always there for me. always. we're going to switzerland one day. it disappoints me sometimes, how much he really means to me. he gives me shoulder massages & knows what's wrong without me saying a word. i depend on him too much for my own good. he's the most important, honestly. i am never letting go of him. & i mean it when i say that. i live for our telephone calls at night, & for his text messages. we've gotten through a lot already, i think. sam, my liking him, college, us liking each other. we mean the most to each other.

carrie, sofi: she takes care of me. one of my best girl friends. she is intimidating, but i know that when i go to her for anything, she will tell it like it is to me. if i'm being stupid, she'll tell me so. her apartment is my second home.

mr. 33, alex: more like a big brother than anything anymore. he's good to hang out with, & have, i suppose "intellectual conversation". i'm losing him.

jess: i write to her. she's my support system. been through much more than i have, & i can go to her with anything. she doesn't criticize, she gives advice, & is one of the best listeners. she paints me pictures of lilies & stars, we watch lunar eclipses at night when it's freezing.

rebel, penpal, camron: i grow apart from him, & then close again. right now, we're close. he's holding my hands & keeping his arms around my shoulders. telling me i never cease to amaze him, sending me emails & singing me southern girl. he's sweet, but i'm not sure if i can trust him. i guess we'll just see how this goes.


myself: charlotte, lyla, tttia pet. i try to stay optimistic, because everything works out in the end... it just hurts til you get there. people mean more than they should to me sometimes, i think. i overanalyze everything & try not to get my hopes up. i'm easily let down but bounce back quickly. easily amused & bored. i can fall asleep almost anywhere. i get into weird moods, right now it's my fall funk. but it's all good... whatever works.