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a list

a list of things i've wanted to send to or say to you lately (but haven't):

-what does "galoche" mean in french? is it the equivalent of "french kiss"?
-a screenshot of a youtube video that says "la situation pourrait devenir critique en decembre"
-a photo of the sky in kentucky vs. montpellier to show how much bluer the sky is in france
-how are you?
-my attempt at a cheese and charcuterie plate because i missed france
-a meme about leos (which you are) represented by jerry seinfeld (who you love)
-a screenshot of a french youtube video that wrote "starring with" instead of "starring"
-i'm probably going to take the french praxis test soon
-you were in my dream again
-how are you though, really?

but you will talk to me when you have something to say.

or when you have someone to talk about.