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i wish i was special, you're so fucking specialllll

finally told you yesterday when i'm leaving after you asked, and no response since then. i have to keep my mind from fluttering with images of a last meeting. it's silly. ridiculous, really.

my horoscope told me, "watch for evasiveness and stalling in your love life at this time. remember that if anyone is distant, it's likely because they need a bit of time and space to figure things out. your romantic life may hit a period of lull or introspection."

it made me feel better.

but the truth is this: even if you did like me -- even if you do like me -- it doesn't matter. the circumstances aren't allowing for it. and obviously neither of us would be in a place to take a step forward.

i want to be alone for a while.

maybe a long while.

we'll see.