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jk on everything i guess

lol, so it went like this.

tuesday, you say: i think i'll go back to work in a couple of weeks.

friday, i say: i need to buy souvenirs for people back home.
you say: when are you leaving?
i say: i take a train on the 30th to paris and i fly out the 31st.

saturday, you say: we will catch up with you come back because i'm back in my apartment.

i have to remind myself that i can't be in anyone's head but i can't lie and say that it didn't feel like you went back home to avoid having to see me.

but it's fine.


this -- all of this -- was something, but i don't quite know what it was.

i will take a stupid amount of comfort from the horoscope that told me if someone is distant, they need time and space to figure it all out. well, here is all the time and space anyone could need, i guess.

not that it will amount to anything in the end, either.

i can't wait until i can look back on this and think about how silly i was through it all.