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baby shower

today, my friend who lives in florida had a baby shower back here in kentucky. she is such an adorable pregnant lady, as can be expected.

it's weird. i'm twenty-four, this age where half of your friends have gotten their lives together and half of them are floundering around with you without a clue.

i have no idea where i'm going when i graduate again in december. it's scary. go abroad? move across the country? to a neighboring state?

i have a boyfriend and i like him and all but we had this really stupid fight today and now i'm just bummed out and hurt about everything. i know where i stand but i feel like i never really know where he stands.

sofi loves john so much, you can just tell, and now they're married and having a baby and it's all so cute and as much as i fight it, that's what i want. i know that's what i want.