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so sleepy

i have been trying to think of something of substance to say.

i am sitting in the library wishing someone would come talk to me. i wish i had someone who was willing to give me a massage. and to just have a conversation with me.

this morning, i was talking to jimmy and liz at work and jimmy said, "let me see that tattoo you got!" and i started laughing and laughing, and finally i said, "it washed off" (because it was magic marker, my roommate drew it for me for my halloween costume). i just thought that was hilarious, though.

i also came into work this morning with my hair blown dry and straightened. it is very funny to me that when people at work see me--in the dresses i usually wear with my hair actually fixed--they seem so shocked! it's precious. i do find time to look nice, you know.

i would like to just take a nap on this couch but i'd prefer to have someone to lean on.

john cracks me up. i don't know why.

i just think people are so precious sometimes.