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so, about a year ago, in my peak of unhappiness with eric, there was this indian boy who i worked with at winslow who really loved me a little bit. he would always tell me, "you don't love eric, you love me," and he would just be so sweet and ridiculous to me all the time. he told me he would take me to india and see the taj mahal and what have you.

me, being in my terribly unhappy state, actually agreed to go out on a "date" with him--mind you, it was just lunch, right before he graduated. he'd been asking me for weeks. i didn't even tell eric about it. it made me nervous.

well, the day came that we were supposed to have lunch and... he overslept. and i didn't see him. and i pretty much refused to talk to him after that.

he just started chatting me up on facebook tonight (don't worry, i made him wait about 45 minutes before i answered because erin and i were watching breakfast at tiffany's). he will be in murray for a few days in december.

the he asked if i was single. when i said yes, he said, "that sounds like christmas eve to me!" then proceeded to ask me out to dinner when he comes in.

i don't know, these things just baffle me.