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right now, tia = super happy.

we went to his grandparents' house, & this time the whole way there it was he who talked. (which was very nice indeed) his grandmother is nice, i really like her, i do.

he calls it taking me out & for some reason it amuses me to no end.

anyway. so we went to etown & on the way there we played the license plate game cause with me anymore it's habit. there was this semi behind us so he slows way down, & i have no idea what he's doing, until he starts looking at the back as it's passing us & i still got the state before him! hah! he loses again!

& since we were and hour and a half early for the movie, we went & ate at o'charley's. the waitress kept giving him more ice. & everytime his foot touched mine i would smile & i smiled alot & hid my face & said "oh geez" & bit my lip more than necessary. he had a square plate for his sandwich & joked about stealing it, yet it wouldn't fit in the to-go box. so he put the rolls plate in there instead, & out we walked with it.

this is a night to remember already he said.

the movie wasn't as good as i expected, but that's okay. i liked it better when we were walking out of the theater, & his hand rested on my back a moment & guided me out. little things like that make me like someone a lot.

the drive home was hilarious. his mom called & he just handed me the phone & i talked to her for about five minutes. my phone rang & it was my home so camron answered it & talked to my mom for a few minutes. oh geez. we ended up calling his mom back & telling her about the o'charley's plate & he put her on speakerphone & she goes you should get a permanent marker & date it & put what you did in case you all get married one day! which is completely hilarious & makes me smile.

he sang jet to me on my road.

i actually like saying goodbye to him though. we stand in my dining room & i ask when he's coming back & we decide to see each other saturday. he gave me a hug & kissed my forehead & left.

oh, geez... i like him... he makes me smile. i just. now i want this to work out. i really do. ah... i'm happy.