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with love, nick carraway

at least i haven't done anything wrong.

i can't take sides. i hope they know that. he's upset & he tells me on the way home, damnit, even when i want to be sad and depressed and pissed off, i can't because you won't let me but it's in a good way. & she's just pissed off because she's fed up with this, all the drama.

they're my best friends, these three, & sometimes i just can't keep up. but i love sitting on a couch with two crazy girls watching nip/tuck and sex and the city, or just driving around with these two crazy boys to get a milkshake.

i have a cure for my "cancer" which just may give me pneumonia. but i can play sixteenth notes just as well, even though i don't know which part i'm supposed to play march 4th.

is it bad that i'm almost sixteen, and never been kissed? & that i wish i had that sort of drama they have in my life just so it'd be a bit more exciting & entertaining?