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they broke up.

this... isn't this what i've been waiting for? what i've just simply been hoping to happen, hoping for it to hurry up & be done with. now that it's happened i wish it hadn't.

he's going to be depressed again, like at the beginning of the year. i want to tell him, IT'S JUST A GIRL, but it's not going to help cause he loves her. having sex with her hasn't helped either.

i'm the only one he's told about it, & i feel terrible because i don't know what to say. all i know to tell him is, you're going to be okay, you just have to believe it. which is true, but do you expect a sad person to believe it at the time?

but i guess all i can do is be there for him... take him to more ball games & keep talking to him on the phone to possibly get his mind off it.

i just want him to be happy.