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the most i could was to just blame myself

eric & brent are stupid. for bringing alcohol INTO the basketball game. dear god. they stayed in the band room all night. freakin stupid.

the game was good... travis scored 34 points. i was hyper the whole boys game (the girls game i just wanted to sleep). but the first half of the boys game, i tried to get felicia to be happy because she was sad... so we jumped & played cymbals & did a dance when something good happened. & then the second half milby was sad so i was trying to get him to feel better. he really talked to me... trusted me enoguh to basically tell me that felicia cheated on him... just. i dunno. i cheered both of them up a little bit. but felicia's mom told her that i was all over milby =S which, we hand clapped a lot & hugged & he spun me around a couple times, but come on.

before the game, jason brought House 2 the 2nd Story. it was funny, i laughed. it was fun... i would just smile because he smiled, he has a nice one, yknow. so now jordan is like, OOH you should LIKE JASON or LIKE MILBY. & i'm just like... jordan, you're dumb.

i'm missing camron at this moment. but its okay.