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star wars pez dispensers

there was a sense of hopelessness in me...

as we watched the second matrix & you're leaning on me i should've asked why don't we talk anymore?

as i sat at the table & you sit down, ask what's wrong and is it something you did? i should've said yes. why don't we talk anymore?

as we walked through wal-mart & i suddenly get quiet & you noticed, i should've asked why don't we talk anymore?

i should've said i miss you.

because i do, & for some reason i was almost in tears - you upset me with all of this; i'm one of those people who can't understand why they don't get a chance.

your arm is around me & you're telling me you love me, like you always do, & i'll only reply, most people do because i don't want to view it as special anymore, you have HER for that.

but before you left my house, you hugged me... & you must be deaf if you couldn't hear the hopelessness in my voice as i said goodbye, blake.

i'm giving up.