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snow & heat mizer

he comes over & we're by ourselves in the basement. it leads to me begging him to watch The Year Without A Santa Claus with me, & him saying no. which in turn leads to my arms being around him, trying to wrestle him for the keyboard, & his head laying in the crevice between my shoulder & chin. & we're happy that way, we both are. (for the record, he does eventually watch it, & i practically lean on him the whole time because i'm trying to keep him awake, & he smiles his sleepy smile, yaknow, that lets you know he's really happy)

daniel & i were just talking about how much you too were flirting - milby

"oh yeah... i need to stop that" - me

this is fucking ridiculous. why aren't we together? because we're best friends & he doesn't want the chance of screwing that up. but i don't think we would. but i don't know.

i shouldn't be having such thoughts, i've got a nice boyfriend. a nice boyfriend who doesn't stop by when he says he's going to. a nice boyfriend who doesn't call when he says he will. a nice boyfriend who is seemingly afraid to fucking touch me now.

i'm an idiot. i need to shut up. i'm going to call him. because i suck.