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pardon me

he was there this time!

after school i saw him, he scared me of course, & then gave me a hug.

he waited for me after the y club meeting, & we proceeded to take daniel to wal-mart.

we ate bosco sticks at bb's & talked about speeding, my accent, the hole in his wall, among other things.

we went to karat kase/trophy case, i met his mom & his grandpa, who both seem rather nice.

i also met his dad, who is very funny. we got to see his macbook & such/

just... anyway. i love getting to see him. it doesn't happen often enough. he's one of those people who will be there for you when you need him, even if you haven't talked to him in months. i love that.

he's insane. but it's all good.

he was "there... for me" ... i like hearing stuff like this.