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myspace surveys

Truth or Dare

I dare you...
to tell me the truth...

Six things you wonder about me
1. if your ok
2. how your gonna make it with out me lol
3. ok im done here, next topic

Five things you like about me
1. smile
2. ability to listen
3. your optimisim
4. next topic

Four things you don't like about me
1. your emo music
4. i felt like skipping 2 and 3 so....your wanting to control things you cant

Three of my best features
1. smile
2. smarts :D lol
3. ability to like milkshakes

Two words that describe me
1. one of the most awesome people to be around
2. 27975083493.2

One question for me (ask away, I will answer honestly)
1. what have/do you think of me? in every way, you can tell me later rather than on here. to be honest i would probally rather have you answer to my face, but if it makes it easier you can answer on here.

have a nice day!

hmm... i might should be thinking of an answer.