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lookin like a train wreck...

blake is home, first time in over a month.

i got out of my truck & he came into the driveway. as i rambled about how i didn't know where to park we hugged & oh my god, i don't think i have ever missed anyone as much as i've missed him.

i'm not even exaggerating. i have missed him like you have no idea.

on the phone a few nights ago i talked to him about how i was so determined to go on a picnic in the park with peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

so when we went to wal-mart, he bought uncrustables, a mountain dew & a water, & then he gave me directions to where it was we were going... which ended up being the park.

we sat at the table overlooking the pond & it was so, so pretty. we talked, just like we had needed to so badly for the past forever.

while he's here i just have this feeling of constantly needing to be around him.

come sunday when he leaves i know i'll be a wreck.