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i think my comprehension level is dropping

i love friday nights with friends & pizza & milkshakes & staring at the computer for an hour watching mr. 33 play a pong-esque game, & staying up til three talking about everything & nothing at all at the same time.

i love saturday nights with carrie & samantha watching sex & the city & making picture slideshows with samantha & i "wanted in 52 states" and fighting over the ACT for dummies book & being locked in the room & too many mountain dews.

i love sundays watching V for Vendetta & eating potato soup at rafferty's really fast & stopping for ice cream at mcdonald's & unfortunately sitting in the middle on the way home but getting to hit each other for no reason except for UTURN.

honestly... the only thing to make this weekend better would be a phone call from you, because pathetically i miss you. i'm in over my head & it's so stupid because it's obvious you're still "in love" with her, but it's okay, whatever works i guess.