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i need to stop checking lj.

he's still not over her... & for some reason, that hurts ME.

& i keep thinking, did i sort of turn my back on him by going out with camron? even though he told me to do it? did i hurt him in the process? i mean, i don't want that to sound conceited in any way shape or form, but if i did then i would just want to... i dunno, kick myself really hard.

but reading that (i guess i'm not supposed to anymore) just was like... wow, but i thought there for a while you liked me, isn't that what you said?

& i guess lately i'm kind of glad he told me no. i really do like camron & i think blake being my best friend + my first real relationship would've ended... strangely. yknow?

i don't know. ugh. i'm done now.