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first date. thing.

that crazy child... we went on a "date" i suppose today then. he came & tried to make my computer capable of downloading music which didn't work. & we went to the movies & saw Man of the Year, not bad not bad... i kind of wish he would've held my hand though... that would have been very nice. but yknow. we ate at fazoli's & i drew a pretty picture on the back of my receipt of a sun & he killed it by coloring it red. & anyway... there was never really a dull moment because i can always think of something to say, & he will just listen or sometimes contribute, but i don't think he minded much - as insecure as i was about talking so much he'd keep telling me no it's good, it's better than silence & maybe it is.

i got a hug before he left & i want him to come back down soon. very soon. yeah. but... yknow.