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everything's too cold...

i really hate that, when i'm talking to him on the phone (camron) i have this constant feeling of saying something, so there won't be any silence, because it would just be odd.

when i'm tlaking to blake, i can just sit there... i don't have totalk. i can listen to him drum or sing or breathe & i'm perfectly comfortable, it doesn't bother me a bit.



Just letting you know, if you dont like me, dont read this, delete it now.

that being said....

Its after 5 oclock and all i can think about is you. Im not for sure
if you still like me or not but its the truth. I was actually reading
the lyrics on that song i sent you. Anna Molly by incubus. What i
got out of that song was that he was wondering if the right girl was
really out there for him. Im not gonna sit here and write to you
saying your the right girl for me, i dont know that, you dont know
that. Im just saying, your everything i want in a girl. Well, almost
everything, if you lived up here... then it would be everything.
Thats beside the point. i really have no idea why im writing this,
because im not for sure if you even still like me and im not for sure
if anything could happen, even though i want it to so very badly. I
thought this email would be a little longer, but apparently my brain
finally wants to go to sleep. I want to see you soon. The soonest
ill be able to see you will probably be this Sunday. I dont have
work, and i dont believe youll have band.

Again, its up to you. If you dont like me, thats perfectly fine, just
tell me and ill leave ya alone, and dont worry about our friendship,
its going to be perfectly intact. I would hate to loose you as a
friend. I probably wont read your response to this email until after
12 tonight, but im looking forward to it.

You're an exception to the rule
You're a bonafid´┐Ż rarity
You're all I ever wanted
Southern girl
Could you want me?



emails...penpals like we used to be. i don't know. i think i'm giving up on blake, after i talk to him tonight, it'll probably be what happens. what i do not want to happen. & i don't want it to be weird if i end up going out with camron cause that would kill me. blake means more to me than almost anyone. not because i like him. because he is my best friend. & i will ALWAYS love him as my best friend. & oneday i will take him to switzerland. ...i bet i sound so stupid sometimes. i'm pathetic.