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don't you forget about me..

we went to his dad's house, no supervision. watched dane cook holding hands, then put in ocean's eleven.

a few minutes into the movie, he pulled me on top of him & started to kiss me. that was fun, of course. i don't know why he likes me on top of him, i swear, i don't see how i do not crush him or something...

his hands... "wander". first, & i guess now i allow it, they like to be on my butt. but yesterday he kept trying to put them down my jeans, & i just don't like that. & they like to try to be on my chest now, too. nice, right? i'm not sure i like that i, i guess "let" him do that...

he lifts up my shirt & kisses me stomach. & for some reason, it just makes me so insecure, for the fact that i'm not "small" & he doesn't seem to care.

wal-mart is fun when i'm high off mountain dew. he decided i'm catlike, since when he lifts his hand above my head & wiggles his fingers, i have this thing where i HAVE to get his hand down. like, absolutely have to, since i'm weird like that.

he almost killed my elephant multiple times! ah, but still. it was fun. hopefully hamster forgives him.

i need to lose some weight, or something, i just decided. i've always decided that though.

ah, okay. i'm good now.