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boyfriend+first kiss


this means, my first kiss.

we were laying on his dad's couch... we watched cars, & then he put the transporter in, which i haven't seen & basically haven't now, either.

we were sitting there, his arms wrapped around me. he would tickle me just to pull me closer, so i'd laugh & he'd just smile when i'd say "terrible".

our heads were together, our eyelashes touched. i wasn't nervous, i just smiled & he leaned down, his lips barely touched mine.

throughout the rest of themovie, it was either his lips occassionally on mine, or on my cheek, or on my neck. & i'd even reach up & kiss him a few times. i surprised myself.

i didn't really mind when his hand would barely slide up my shirt, just on my barely exposed back. he's silly, i said so much. i feel very comfortable around him.

he often asked me if i was okay. he would kiss me, & i wouldn't exactly know what to do, so i'd just stop. "are you okay?" he'd say, & i'd just nod & smile, turn my head towards the tv or back on his neck.

when it came time to leave, we sat there for about five minutes, just saying we didn't want to. he pulled me back & kissed me again.

when we got in the car, he said, "well, staying in leitchfield wasn't so bad... we should do it more often."

niiiiice. =)