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in the chill of the october night at one in the morning, i moved my skirt to show you i didn't have any leggings on. "this is why i'm cold," i said, "i don't have leggings! no tights!"

misunderstanding me, you asked, "you aren't wearing any panties?"

and i died, shrieked, "NO that's not what i mean!" and laughed and corrected you.

language learning: these are the moments i like most, the weird cute mess-ups that cause people to laugh.


today i had a date with a french boy who insists on talking to me in english. we were going to go ice skating, but neither of us have a car, and it's actually an hour-long walk, so we skipped out on that. instead, we had three rounds of drinks and sat and talked for about four hours.

it's an interesting difference i think, compared to dating in the united states. people seem more willing to spend more time out and together here.

he seems nice.

but don't they all?


or maybe you did understand?