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so let it be.

what is there to say?

i'm in this strange in-between place of waiting and not being able to move forward until september. sad to say that, yes, i do feel stuck. and stuck -- especially in the summer -- is not good for me.

i get antsy, need human contact -- but those humans are at least one hour away and, truly, it's exhausting to always be going, going, going. and to generally be disappointed.


i've been having this daydream of turning to you, after the fact, and saying, "you know, i think i actually really liked you." i don't have to think it because i know it's true. but the point of the daydream, for some reason, is to surprise you, to hopefully instill some tiny sliver of regret.

but i don't think i'll get the chance to do that, and truthfully, i don't think it's worth it.

we go through our lives and we meet all kinds of different people and we form all kinds of different connections with them. you don't necessarily have to feel exactly that same kind of connection with someone that they feel with you or vice versa.

sometimes you just need to recognize the connection, be thankful for it, and let it be.