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my friend reece knows this guy whose name is brian, and i randomly saw him on tinder one day when i was going through giving reece advice on what to do and what not to do. i ended up reading brian's profile as an example of a good bio, and they all said, "oh that sounds like brian. is it brian? we went to school with him." i mean, he's a heckin latin teacher for heck's sake.

reece told me about some facebook post brian made saying something about an autocorrect mistake that ended up saying "iambic pentameter dream girl" and how he needed to find his shakespeare girl now.

so reece told him about me, and i guess showed him my instagram or my facebook or something, and (according to matt), the boy said something along the lines of, "wow, how have i not seen this girl around before?" and he seemed to like the idea of me i guess.

he is currently sort of seeing someone? so it doesn't really matter. but i guess if it falls through that might be something that happens.

this is such a useless thing to write about, why am i like this