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a few things i like:

-the fact that i watched mamma mia with my niece last night, and when she woke up, she immediately wanted to watch it again (so we did).

-when babies or animals fall asleep on you.

-the anticipation you feel when you're on the couch (or somewhere similar) with someone you really want to touch you, and how they slowly inch their way over (for a long period of time) until they finally do touch you (and how wonderful it feels because it took so long to get there).

-telling lots of people nice things under the influence of wine.

-feeling somehow like i look different (better?) over the last couple of days, even with all of this tooth disaster stuff.

-the fact that i went to sleep alone in my bed last night and woke up with my niece sleeping half on top of me.

-sleep, in general.

-lying in the sun like a cat.