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just keep wading through this shit

well, traditional dating isn't going well, i thought, so i'll just meet someone for the sole purpose of hooking up.

and, well, that went terribly, also.

never have i met such a terrible kisser (i've never met someone who essentially made out with my entire mouth and chin area somehow), never have i met someone who, when i say, "we should make out now," took that to mean that he should take all of my clothes off immediately, and never have i met someone who literally came two seconds after i had his dick in my mouth.

y'all, i quit everything, but at least it's an interesting story?


i texted the boy with whom i had a really nice date a couple of weeks ago (and who, after telling me we really should try to meet up as often as possible, essentially ghosted me for over a week) and told him that he seemed cool and i hope things in the future go well for him.

he responded by saying he'd still like to see me again, but alas, his life was so busy.

as if all of our lives aren't so busy.

but what can you do, after all?