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probs probs probs

we go to new orleans next week, but we're in a circuit of fighting. get angry, be angry all day, talk about it, halfheartedly apologize. next day, find something different to be mad about, repeat.

i want a haircut or longer hair or a different color or something.

i've been miserably sick and exhausted all week. we haven't had much sex lately since i got upset at his repeated inability to get hard or stay hard (which doesn't help, i know).

the relaxing early mornings feel like summer to me and i feel renewed with possibilities. then i'm brought back to reality.

i want to feel appreciated and desirable. i want foreplay and i want to be undressed and kissed slowly. i want to feel like my boyfriend thinks i'm sexy.

i did the laundry and then had to rest because i'm still recovering.

i just can't wait to get to louisiana.