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lying in bed, rereading the hobbit

only updating every month or so, seems like. i love this new job. for the first time in a long time, i feel like i have a future again. the place where i work is new but is plugging along really nicely and doing so well for its students. i am getting much better at having a work life balance (it is easier when you have one job, not three) but it is always difficult for me to have hobbies instead of coming home only to eat and watch tv and sleep. i've been running with the dogs and would like to start reading more again. i want to create something - i don't know what, but i am itching for that kind of creative release. i am tired from running and doing yoga and having too good of a time last night.

i turn 26 on saturday, which for some reason feels unreal. i'll be on the other side of 25. this year is already leaps and bounds better than last year, so let's see where this train keeps going.