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i'm coming for ya, 2015.

i feel like i've actually accomplished a lot this year. i know, for sure, that i've completed several of the tasks i challenged myself with at the end of last year (new year's resolutions, i suppose, is what they were).

i graduated with my master's degree (and i passed my oral exam with distinction). this was grueling and stressful, but i'm more proud of myself of this accomplishment than anything else in my life.

i lost 22 lbs. (and hope to lose about 23 more over the next year). this one was slow and really, i lost most of it during the first 6 months of the year and then just maintained. i'd like to get back on track. not only do i feel better, but i feel more confident and healthy, and that's what is imporant.

i successfully made it to one year with my boyfriend who lives 1,000 miles away from me, and i recently made the difficult decision to move to colorado to be with him. i'm proud of myself for choosing what (i think) is right for me in such a tumultuous time of decisions and possibilities. good things are coming.

i've actually been much more positive in general in regards to myself and my life, and that is something i definitely want to continue.

so, for 2015:
*i would like to lose between 20-30 more pounds. (the 30 would put me at by ultimate goal weight.)
*i would like to focus more on the health aspect instead of the weight aspect, though.
*i would like to get a "real job," something full time and teaching that i love.
*in the meantime, i'd like to do well at the two part-time jobs i do have.
*i would like to continue the success of my relationship through our living together and all that.
*i would like to do an excellent job of keeping up with my friends and family while away.
*i would like to make at least two trips either to see friends who live far away (dc? nola? orlando?) or to places i (we, if matt is included) have never been before (vegas? east coast?).
*finally, i'd like to continue to be more positive and to live my life with more intention.

i think that's good, for now.