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pineapple is really good though.

my life right now is boring, but in the stressed out all the time kind of way. i'm working on a presentation for tuesday, trying to finish my oral exam study guide for tuesday, so then i can spend several hours a week studying for the exam near the end of november, i cleaned the house today, walked my dog, worked out, my brother is bringing me food my mom made and is borrowing my vacuum tonight, i don't know when the next time i'll see my boyfriend is at this point (besides january--at some point in january, if nothing else), i applied for nine jobs yesterday and found about six more this morning i'd like to apply to, i am constantly hoping for a phone call even though it's not likely to hear back from them until november, i wanna be lazy all the time but it's a really bad idea. this is really poorly written because i need to go back to my presentation so that's that.

i did have a phone interview the other day for a job here in kentucky, so that's nice, except i don't really want to be in kentucky.

oh well. take what you can get.