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it's a lot of back and forth in my head, i guess.

what i really want right now is a grilled chicken wrap with habanero ranch on it, some fries, a coke, and all of this without me washing my face or putting on pants.

i've already done a lot of necessary things this morning (applying and paying for graduation, sending in my part time teaching preferences for the spring [just in case], other random boring school stuff). i need to finalize my syllabi today and get everything up on blackboard.

matt gets off at 8 tonight, which is nice.

i can't really afford to buy anything else while i'm out here. i've already gone through the money i originally allotted myself. and i still need to find a hotel for the night before i come home.

i miss emma. i miss her furry white face so much and i want to just lie in bed and cuddle her forever. i hope she doesn't somehow hate me.

really haven't been working out lately but i did run three miles yesterday and i'm not crazy sore today so i'll take it.

i think we are going to garden of the gods on thursday and then just exploring colorado springs, which sounds nice to me.

now i gotta go to castle rock because matt thought he worked mid but ACTUALLY he works 1:30-10 so boo on everything.