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i should be working

i have been crazy amounts of hungry for a few days. maybe i'm not eating enough.

at work this morning, the only thing i've done is look at jobs (jobs i can't even apply for because they aren't for january and after). what is my life?

five weeks and i'll be in colorado again.

god, i sincerely can't wait.

in about a month, matthew and erin are getting married. i am so excited to see how beautifully it turns out, to actually be a part of it.

Erin called me twice yesterday freaking out about small matters and i told her that everyone is stupid, that she shouldn't stress out, it's totally gonna be fine.

I wish that matt could come to the wedding, that i could dance with him just like i danced with him at kari's wedding--but it'll be better this time, because he loves me he loves me he loves me.

we are ridiculous. on the phone last night, i was half asleep, and in this frequent state i only want to say, "i love you, you're perfect, you're my favorite, you're so nice to me."

i want a sandwich, a really nice sandwich with tomatoes and lettuce and turkey and chipotle mayo mhmmmm i am so HUNGRY. for everything.