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hand written letter

Dear Tia

I'm not very good at putting my feelings to writing so bear with me. For a while I didn't feel like anyone could stand to be around me for long periods of time, at best I was a passing novelty, but you've proven me wrong. Despite my best efforts to scare you with my crazy, ridiculous antics you haven't run away and I can't explain the boost in self-esteem that gave me. You're a sweet, kind girl and for some reason you think I'm a good person. That single thought has made me want to live up to the idea you have of me. Your compassion for others keeps me grounded from ignoring other people when deciding my actions. Without you, I'd be a much lonelier and sad person so thank you for your patience with me.



never in my life have i wanted to be so good for someone. never in my life have i wanted more than anything to make someone happy, to make their life better, to help them and be there for them and kiss them and hold them forever. never in my life have i ever wanted to make someone feel so good about themselves.

i love him. i love him, i love him, i love him.