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the commitment-phobe talks about commitment

i tell him that my family makes fun of me by telling me i'll drop out of grad school and move out to Colorado and his reaction is, "oh god, no. you can't do that. please don't." to which i say, "of course i'm not doing that, are you crazy?"

but then he says, "just get the piece of paper first and come up here. or i'll move back to kentucky. i don't have that much going in here."

we talked tonight about how it has taken so long for us to be together. he was trying to explain it to his coworkers, saying that he's a commitment-phobe and that we talked every night for the last five months (they said, "you mean like a girlfriend?") and he realized that meant that he had feelings and that he should actually do something about them. his coworkers were asking how long we'd been together and made fun of him when he said "since thursday... though technically much longer."

since thursday. but it feels so different from that.

and right before getting off the phone, i told him that emma is getting a haircut tomorrow and she's going to look so pretty and he said, "yup, just like her momma" and it was adorable, the end.