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being thankful. my life is good.

sometimes i think life gives you a break to remind you how wonderful it is.

today i was told i have a GA position in the english department at my university. i won't, for the next year, have to worry about money or paying for grad school. this is an immense weight off my shoulders.

more than that, though: i have amazing friends who want to see me and will travel in a few weeks to come to my birthday party, i have a family who helps me out whenever possible, i have a beautiful puppy who lights up at the sight of me, and i even have a boy who has begun talking to me a few times a day, not just at night, who i may allow myself to think actually likes me after nearly four months of conversing.

my life is so, so good. i hesitate to use the word "blessed" because in one sense, i work very hard and try very hard to be a good friend and a good family member, but jesus--even i can't come up with a reasonable explanation as to how i became this lucky.