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i just think about it sometimes.

when i was in high school, i had strange relationships with two different boys. these friendships were solely based on music.

with blake (a different blake than the one in the beginning of this diary), we essentially only talked to one another when we needed new music or if one of us had a new band to share. that's completely what we talked about, nothing else. we burned each other cds and gave them to each other in the hallways.

with boone, we would sit together on the academic team bus (because we were friends there, though not during school) and he would let me have one ear of his headphones as we listened to the music on his ipod. he'd recommend new artists to me, tell me who i might like, and i did the same.

it's odd how friendships work, how sometimes relationships are based off of something so specific.

i just want to have that kind of connection again. i want to listen to music with someone.