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on rudy/returning to europe

and to add to that last entry, i know this boy, well he's not a boy is he? he's twenty-seven. well, i know this guy, and his name's rudy. he's my brother's friend, or was way back in high school. well, he's done something that i terribly, ridiculously want to do:

he took a few months and just traveled all over europe.

god, i ache to go back. i really do. when the thought comes over me that i may never return, i get this sick feeling in my chest. i want to live in london, or in paris, for six months, a year. i so badly wish to be there, in a place with accents different from mine, with different customs (though not exactly out-there-different) and different people and the excitement of adventure and people i haven't met yet.

i want it back. so badly i want it back.