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different perspectives

i had a long conversation with jordan last night and it was rather interesting.

see, jordan believes that there is no good in anyone. and because of this, jordan does really horrible things. he enjoys tricking girls into having sex with him. he enjoys stealing girls from his friends. he truly does awful things, and in a way, he does it to test people. i'm not sure i understand it, simply because i can't do that.

however, he's a terribly interesting person and so i love having these kinds of conversations with him. it's a whole new perspective to me.

also, i attempt to convince him that there is good in people, that people have (sometimes) good intentions.

evidently a few years ago a girl he was in love with crushed his poor little heart, and now he doesn't trust anyone anymore. i mean that's sad and everything, but you can't do that to yourself. i had my heart broken over and over by the same person... but i don't let that keep me from trusting people again, from opening myself up to the possibilities.

he's just different. and he also talks about how he wants to show you what good sex is and all that. eh. he's interesting. but he's also a tricky motherfucker and i guess i need to watch myself. not to keep myself from liking him (gag me) but the thing is, everything he is saying to me could possibly be a complete and utter lie.

that's always in the back of my mind.


i looked into the eyes of someone whose heart i crushed (who crushed mine) today, eyes i hadn't looked into in five months. he didn't want to speak to me. who can blame him?