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ne me quitte pas, mon chere

i am feeling good today. it wasn't a particularly wonderful day, besides the weather, that is. it's just that sometimes i remember why i choose to be an optimistic person, despite the downfalls it calls for me.

my roommate and one of my best friends, matthew, told me tonight, "if i had to pick out your worst flaw, it'd be that when you like something, you really like it." it's true.

i am going to stop stressing myself out about my future. when it gets here, i'll figure it out. i'll know eventually where i'll live, if i'll have a job, if i'll be in graduate school, if i'll be in debt, if everything i've ever thought would end up in my life is actually going to be there. but there's no sense in thinking about it now.

i just want to sit in my living room with my roommates and chill out to good music and fall asleep.