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bad horse bad horse

my family deals with things that are sad and hurtful in our lives by actively making fun of it. that's just what we do. and i find laughter, poking fun at yourself, to be an amazing way to get over something.

i'm not sure my roommates really know how to respond, though, when i do it. i was with erin in wal-mart today, and we were discussing getting everyone valentine's day gifts. then i said, "oh, i don't know, erin. the day that i buy you all gifts, you'll probably break up with me!" which i, of course, found hilarious, but she seemed at a bit of a loss.

i just really wish i had someone to talk on the phone to so that i get tired enough to fall asleep, especially since i now wake up at five. i don't know, even a text message that i don't have to prompt would be nice. i want to know someone is thinking of me.