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pokeball plugs

last night i couldn't sleep, so right after midnight i decided i needed to text bryant to tell him, "i have something embarrassing to tell you."

see, the morning of the day he broke up with me, i ordered online for him this pair of pokeball plugs, because one day in december he randomly told me that he wanted some. and this is something i would never be able to give to someone else because i don't know anyone else with stretched ears, and also i couldn't return it because it is made to order.

his first response? "wow, as if i don't already feel like a fucking jerk... god i feel horrible, tia. ugh."

i told him to lighten up because in all honesty, i found it funny. i just bought them for him to be nice, you know?

when i told him what it was i got him, he said, "oh, god, tia. that is the best thing ever! i still feel bad. i was going to get you that watch you wanted but i didn't have the money at the time."

for the rest of the conversation it sounded like he wanted to compensate me for them, but i mean, it was a gift. he didn't ask for it. i don't want anything in return.

you know, i am so fucking good at being someone's girlfriend. i really am. it kind of pisses me off because no one is ever good at being my boyfriend. how unfair is that?