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new years and bg

as of december 30, 2011, i have a boyfriend, and his name is bryant, and i like him quite a lot.

on the 29th, bryant asked me to go ahead and go to BG and just stay the night with him. we would watch himym and just hang out on our own a bit. we drank blueberry vodka with lemonade and got a little bit tipsy, texted and called a number of friends, and eventually around midnight we went to bed. after fooling around for a little while, he stopped and turned to me to say, "so, serious question time. relationship?" and i said, "what do you mean?" and he said, "what do you think?" and i said, "well, i'd say yes." so he looked at me, put a hand on my cheek and said, "tia, will you be my girlfriend?" of course i said yes. then that night his ex girlfriend called him 5 times, texted him 3 times, and left him a voicemail. le sigh.

i rang in the new year with my best friends, the ones i've been with since we were thirteen. we went on a mega date (sue and jason, becca and patrick, steven and ashli, bryant and me) to applebee's, and came back to the boys' house to get drunk. we played circle of death, and i kissed sue ellen and becca, several times actually. we danced with a strobe light on and the music up extremely loud. patrick and bryant smoked h2, whatever that is, i'm still confused by it. it was in this tiny little pipe though. anyhow, bryant kept moving back and forth and i kept asking him, "are you dying?!" because his eyes were mostly closed and he was very slow. he didn't die, though. by two in the morning, bryant and i retreated to his room.

can i just say, that over the past few days when i slept in bryant's bed, i have never had someone pay so much attention to me in a sexual way? it's wonderful. god, it's awesome. that's all i feel like saying about that right now, because i need a NAP, since i drove to bryant's last night at 1am to sleep in his bed, and we didn't fall asleep until around 2:30, and i woke up around 5:30 to find his hands all over me, and we didn't go back to sleep until 6:30, and we had to be up my 8:45. well, then.