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mini date

i went to etown with bryant today. we watched sherlock holmes 2 (amazing movie, please do go see it) and we held hands or he had his hand on my knee the whole time. we also walked through the mall holding hands. in fye, while he was on the phone, he put his arm around me and kissed me on the top of my head. and in the car before we walked inside a store, he gave me a kiss. he held my hand the whole drive home. and he kissed me again before i left.

oh, i like him. i do.

i'll be going back to bg this friday and staying for a few days, and on one of those days i'm supposed to spend the whole day with bryant, and we're going to watch tv and movies all day and then get drunk and hopefully sleep in his super comfortable bed with his arm around me.

(which reminds me of the last time i stayed with him, and i would wake up to find him pulling to covers tighter around me. how sweet he is!)