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what a wonderful whirlwind of a weekend!

on thursday, i went on a date with bryant. he took me to cheddar's and we watched a movie and then we chilled out at his house for a while. that night was the funnest night of the whole weekend.

i don't think i have ever been so drunk. becca came over (and jason, shane, mark, patrick, ashli, and steven were all there too) and i took i think four shots of whipped cream vodka and had four wine coolers on top of that. i kept running around being crazy and trying to make everyone pay attention to me.

when it started reaching toward one in the morning, bryant said to me that we should probably go get my clothes out of the car. i said yes and we hurried outside and down the stairs, making sure i didn't fall, since i was stumbling everywhere anyhow. i attempted to get my car doors unlocked when he took my face in his hands and kissed me twice. i laughed, grabbed my bag, and we went back into the house.

i ran into the kitchen and found becca and told her, "bryant kissed me!" because she had asked me that earlier. she been talking to both of us and earlier that night, she had asked if he'd kissed me and if i liked him and i said, "yes i like him but i don't think he likes me that much!" and of course she told me i was silly. when she asked bryant, his reply was that he really liked me but didn't want a girlfriend.

as we sat in front of the tv, everyone talking and i think partially watching a movie, bryant kept grabbing hold of my hand, and put me in his lap (though i was falling all over the place) and giving me kisses.

i saw jason's cat, gigi, and proceeded to have a conversation with jason about how we USED to be best friends and WHY AREN'T WE best friends now? we should talk more (and on and on because i never shut up when i'm drunk).

eventually, of course, everyone started going to their respective rooms. all of a sudden i looked at bryant and said, "hey can i sleep in your room!? i didn't ask!" and he said of course i could, as though there were no question of it to begin with. he changed into shorts and stood in the corner while i changed into my pajamas and fell on the bed (like i said, i have never been that drunk).

he climbed into bed and immediately started kissing me. boy, oh boy, do i love making out with people. we made out for a very long time, too.

in between his hands being all over me and vice versa, i remember telling him that i liked him and didn't think he liked me, and him telling me of course he likes me, he just doesn't want a girlfriend yet, and i kept saying yeah yeah i understand, and then we started talking about sex and i told him how eric never made it good for me at all, and he told me how sad that was because for him sex was always about the other person more than anything, and then just deciding to kiss him more instead.

we essentially did this three times, because after about a half hour he says to me, "we should probably stop" and i agreed. we laid down beside each other with our arms around each other and a couple of minutes later, i think he started kissing my neck again. so i started kissing his, and he pulled my shirt up and started giving me hickies (which are still there now). after about another half hour of this, i said, "okay, okay, we should probably stop, right?" and he stopped immediately and we laid back down.

of course... this all happens again once more. i just love to make out with people, i really do. it is the most enjoyable thing! and this time, when we decided to stop, we did and i laid my head on his chest and we fell asleep quickly. i think we're at least both on the same page about how we don't want to fuck anyone we're not in a relationship with.

the next morning, i woke up and puked. i've never drank so much in my life, i think, and it's not even really a lot. but patrick (becca's boyfriend) made me scrambled eggs for breakfast and bryant brought me water, and it took me an hour to get them down.

i spent the rest of the actual day with becca, lying on the couch and just talking. that's what i love about those friends i've been with for years, since we were thirteen. it doesn't matter how long it's been since we've seen each other, we can pick up and talk about everything for hours.

around seven, when patrick got off work, we (becca, patrick, ashli, steven, bryant, and i) decided to go to ichiban to eat. well, bryant rolled/sprained his ankle somehow before he got to the car, we ate, and we came back to the house and decided to watch cowboys and aliens.

that movie is so stupid. but entertaining, i suppose. and bryant held my hand through a lot of it and that made me smile.

but that night i didn't feel like getting drunk, since i had gotten sick that morning. i took a shot or two and had a wine cooler but didn't go much further than that. becca got WILD, which was absolutely hilarious. i took turns from running around and chasing becca and chilling out and talking to bryant since he was confined to the recliner due to his ankle. i mostly didn't want anyone to hurt him anymore than he already had.

(i do remember at one point, becca told bryant to make me take a shot with her, and he just said, "she doesn't want to becca" and that made me smile for whatever reason.)

this time we didn't all end up going to bed until about three thirty in the morning. i put another ice pack on bryant's ankle and laid him down on the bed and turned out the lights. when i climbed back in bed, he put his arm around me and i put my head on his chest and assumed we were going to go straight to sleep due to his ankle. well, not a minute goes by before his mouth is on mine.

he pulled me on top of him and we kissed for a very long time, not quite as intensely this time because i was afraid for his ankle, and when he rolled over on top of me i had to tell him "don't hurt your ankle, bryant" and he just kept telling me, "i won't." there's a sensitive spot on my head that i later realized was from the fact that i had my head against the wall while he was kissing my neck.

the next morning, we woke up and i put another ice pack on his ankle, and then becca and i went back to her apartment. again, for the whole entire day, we just sat around and talked. it amazes me how we don't run out of things to say.

sue ellen got off work at six, and we went to o'charley's for dinner. it was a very eventful time and when we got back to the apartment, we sat at the table and talked about our lives, then we moved to the couch and talked about our lives. at about midnight, becca went to her room to bed. that's when i finally got to talk to sue ellen, for about an hour. i talked to her about jason going to france, about what she's going to do next year, that if we both get into UofL, we should just live together. she's been upset lately. lots of changes are about to come up for all of us.

i just love my friends so much and i had the best weekend in a long time.