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this is why my head should've been kept on straight.

so, i had a conversation with bryant today about megan (his ex girlfriend). this included, but was not limited to, the fact that he is over his girlfriend but not entirely over her, how he wouldn't ever take her back but how he's not sure he wouldn't ever take her back, and how he doesn't want to rush into a relationship but he wants to take me out on dates (and let our future selves figure out the rest).

let me say, first off, that i completely understand all of this. i mean, i get it, i do. but it hurt my feelings and i didn't expect it.

so we're still going out on thursday but we'll see how it goes. because i don't just date people for fun. i want to have relationships. but i'm going to attempt to get used to this idea.

we'll see how it goes. that's all. we'll see how it goes.