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last night, my roommates and i went to the art auction and then to the big apple to get drunk on margaritas. kayley and i saw our boss and thought it was hilarious to talk to him whilst drunk. then later, after erin and matt went to sleep, cat and kayley and i trolled bryant's status and facebook and called him in an effort to cheer him up since his girlfriend broke up with him.

today i went shopping with cat and matt and we ate at olive garden, then i bought two pairs of pants and two sweaters and two pairs of tights and a (free) scarf.

tonight i went to jimmy's house! i was nervous though. yasha was there (a worker of mine), along with jacob and his wife, and then chris (another worker of mine). all in all it was pretty fun, it was interesting getting to be around other people to drink and have fun. and then at the end of the night i like getting hugs because they're awesome the end!