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my life is funny

I really love working with John, but I mostly try not to think about it.

I have been invited (again) to a party at Jimmy's house this weekend. I think I really wanna go. I would like to get drunk with some different people, I think. Also, I would like to play Uno. Or Taboo.

I am also: getting drunk with my roommates on Friday, doing homework Saturday morning, going shopping mid day Saturday, getting drunk Saturday night, and catching up all day Sunday.

Last night I couldn't sleep, so I stayed up with my roommates until 2:30. We ended up having a long discussion about how I should ask out nice cashier TRoom boy (whose name I found out is Isaac) because we stalked his Facebook and his interests are "music, history, cats" and his first listed band is the Beatles. Also, he has a picture of himself with John Lennon glasses. Perfect for me, right?