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when i was young, i knew everything

i'm listening to "wonderwall" right now. you know, that oasis song. i remember the first time i ever listened to this song.

i think i was fourteen, it could've been fifteen. i went with my family to a baseball tournament. i remember sitting with tyler cockriel through a lot of the game because he wasn't playing.

after playing around the whole time, it was time to go. my older brother, ryan seth, had an ipod and he told me i needed to listen to this song.

i kept listening to that song the entire way home. it was the start of oasis being my favorite band until death cab for cutie stepped in, then the beatles, then weezer.

i wish music still had that effect on me. it does, sometimes. i just want someone to give me good music again. i always have to find it myself.

it must be the cold, but god i am really aching for someone's hand to hold.